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Magnetic roller
Characteristics £º
1. New type rare earth permanent magnetic materials with high magnetic energy product (42MGOe or above), axial series-pole pair repulsion magnetic system structure, with a high magnetic field intensity (1.3-1.8T), a high magnetic field gradient (104 ) and a high specific force.
2. Heavy-duty and ultra-thin transmission and separation belts.
3. A new axial series-pole pair repulsion magnetic system structure is adopted, the superficial magnetic induction intensity of magnetic roller is 1.2T - 1.8T, its magnetic field gradient is 3-4 times higher than that of electromagnetic induction roller separator, up to 104£¬2-3 times higher in specific magnetic force.
4. Free of air gap, no blockade of materials, and high separation efficiency.
5. Acceptable grain size is 50mm in maximum.
6. The magnetic roller is protected by belt, no wearing, not easy to suffer from demagnetization.
7. Low expenses for installation, maintenance and operation, easy to use.
Application: discarding tailings or refining coarse grains of weak magnetic minerals (magnesiohulsite, manganese ore, etc); refining and processing (removing impurities such as iron, titanium) of nonmetallic ores (andalusite, sillimanite, kyanite, garnet, feldspar, quartz, rutile, zirconite, corundum, diamond); removing harmful impurities from abrasive products, catalysts, and other materials.

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